July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday Neal and I took the boys to Upper Landing Park in Poughkeepsie for a picnic dinner and then for a scooter ride on the walking bridge over the Hudson River. This is just one additional thing the Hudson Valley has to offer that is a free and super fun activity for the kids! We parked at the Children’s Museum and headed across the small bridge to the new park that overlooks the river for dinner. The boys’ love to watch the boats and the very long freight train pass by while they eat. They also tend to roam around while eating which is something they try to do at home so we gave them this freedom at the park. Liam is clearly enjoying his sandwich while exploring!


After eating the boys hopped on to their scooters and headed for the elevator, for the first time. I should mention it was also the first time they have ever rode their scooters in public (sorry to anyone who was on the bridge yesterday… it was probably MY five year old weaving in and out of you and us yelling “B wait for us”, “let’s stay together”, “look before turning” and “now you lose it”. We are hoping with this practice our scooter manners are better for next time. As a side note, you may want to bring water along on your travels or you may have some sad faces like L’s below “I’m soooo firsty”


A highlight no matter where we go is running into dogs. The bridge did not disappoint…


Everyday I spend exploring the Hudson Valley I find myself being more and more thankful for living in such a wonderful place. Our children are very lucky to be growing up here.